Restaurant Technology

Knowing your customers' habits and journey through their digital ecosystem can ensure the success of your restaurant. Your customers are engaging with multiple platforms to make their lives easier such as delivery apps, online business programs and so much more. Learn about their loyalty patterns and the most popular trends.

Gabe Winslow

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Ways to Enhance Accessibility

With over 56 million people living with a disability in the United States, this provides for a greatly underrepresented minority. Making your place of business more welcoming through a better understanding could prove to be not only beneficial to the disability community, but you as well. Gain a better knowledge and understanding for businesses to enhance accessibility and increase your market base.

Daman Wandke

Kyann Flint

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Destination Stewardship

Design and implement a tourism strategy that will enhance and improve the lives of visitors and locals alike who visit your business. Receive guidance to harness tourism potential while addressing the needs of your local community.

Dan Moore

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Fisher Phillips

Recruitment, Training & Retention

Learn how to understand, attract, hire and keep the best people for your business. Walk through the process of defining and modifying job requirements to entice the right people for the role. Explore the fundamentals of employee analytics by engaging in quick tests that align business and employee needs.

Thomas Tomasevic

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Washington Hospitality Convention

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